PBG FMC is a venture capital fund management company in operation since 2011. Our primary goal is to profitably manage capital entrusted to us while furthering the excellent reputation of Hungary.

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Investment Policy

We are constantly shaping a broad portfolio. We target companies that – with their products and services - address underserved needs in a well-defined yet broad range of customer groups.

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Civita Food Ltd., eCamino Ltd., Hírös Vitál Ltd., HSH, Traction Tribe, Intnine, Madbarz, Tep, SongArc, Commsignia, RemotAid,, LockDown Vegas, LiteUp, Tappointement, Funspotter

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 Investment Process

Filtering incoming projects - Screening and analyzing the projects - Validation - Preparing the term sheet - Contracting - Investment - Supporting operations and monitoring the company...

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"We will create value by investing in companies that have high growth potential, can compete in the global arena, and operate at the highest level of integrity. This is how we will contribute to the expansion and evolution of Hungarian talent and innovation.” /Elemér Eszter/