Hungarian DJ app popular at CES


A Hungarian startup presented an app at CES with the help of which everyone can create professional mixes. The programme scans the songs similar to each other using a complex algorhythm and we can pick the songs to be mixed.

At one of the largest gadget fair of the world, CES, a Hungarian music player app was presented. MashrooM Music Player is procuced by MixyLabs Ltd., now awaiting a second round investment. What is unique about the app is a complex algorhythm that analyses the music tracks stored on the device and identifies them based on similarity. From the recommended songs, the user can pick the sequence. The app mashes one song to another unremarked. In auto mode, it performs this task automatically, however, we can always take back control. We can also save playlists so we can replay the best sequences.

The developers say that the app primarily helps those who are not music experts and cannot hit upon new performers but are still keen on listening to music. The startup wants to make the app available on stream services, too. The app is free, and can be downloaded to iPhone and iPad, for the time being.