Károly Fehérgyarmati-Tóth is Chief operating Officer at PBG FMC Ltd. He is a graduate economist, who specialised in the area of International Business. He started working in the banking industry at Volskbank as a financial manager of enterprises and has achieved higher management positions at many Hungarian merchant banks in the past 15 years.

Throughout his career he extended his knowledge in consortium, loan syndication, project and enterprise finance. With this experience, he has been involved in every aspect of finance. During this time he also became an experienced leader in investment. In addition to all this, Károly has taken a leading role in the establishment of a banking and investment related network of agents, which has produced the biggest sales-network in Hungary.

His expert knowledge in banking, finance, project management and his analytical skills have contributed a lot to the success of our company.

Our Team

Elemér Eszter

Chairman, board of directors

Elemér Eszter is Chairman of the Board of Directors at PBG FMC Ltd.

Ágost Wildner

Member, board of directors

Ágost Wildner is a founder and member of the board of directors at PBG FMC Ltd.

Pál Iváncsics

Member, board of directors

Pál Ivancsics is member of the board of directors at PBG FMC Ltd.

Károly Fehérgyarmati-Tóth

Chief operating Officer

Károly Fehérgyarmati-Tóth is Chief operating Officer at PBG FMC Ltd.