Civita’s stint at food expo in London

Between 17 and 19 November, 2015, Civita Food Ltd. featured at Food Matters Live in London, a gathering of experts in the food industry. Some ten thousand visitors turned up at the event with 450 exhibitors. Those interested had the chance to take part in more than a hundred lectures and presentations but could also…


Oops! Publio buys up Rukkola

Hungary’s first book sharing site Rukkola was launched in 2012. Currently 33,000 users circulate their 350,000 books thanks to it. Publio has reached an agreement with PBG FMC Ltd. on a 50-million-forint (EUR 161,000) investment within the JEREMIE Programme. The publishing house will use the money for business and operation development and for entering the…


Interview with Opp.io team members

Please introduce yourselves, who are you and what are you engaged in? We are the Opp.io team, developers of a note app that makes taking notes at a meeting much easier, that also distributes tasks and tracks progresses. We are currently four of us: Helena Naffa, Samu Tóth,Gergely Borgulya (Gulyás) and me. And a lot…


PBG FMC Ltd. investment Gubbio gets special award

Startup contest Be Smart closes The Budapest Business Development Public Foundation (BBDF) supports startup micro-businesses with big growth potential planning to enter the global market, said Piroska Szalai, the president of the board of trustees at BBDF, at an awarding event of the Be Smart startup contest. The first prize went to Hungarian startup company…


Two awards go to PBG FMC Ltd.’s investment company Civita Food

Civita Food Ltd. is a prominent investment of Portus Buda Group Ltd.’s daughter company PBG FMC Venture Capital Manager that produces and distributes high-standard gluten-free food. The company took part at the 24th international food fair named Farmer Expo in Debrecen that also hosted the 10th Hortico vegetable, fruit and garden expo. Out of the…


Export, exit and networking at the portfolio meeting

On June 11, 2015, the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade hosted a meeting in Budapest dubbed Export and Exit for a winner participant in the scheme by PBG FMC Ltd. and the Széchenyi Venture Capital Programme’s Growth Project, in other words Jeremie III. Representatives of the companies took part at three different lectures and,…


Three chances lost for the country since the regime change

Hungary lost out on its chances economically in three occasions since the regime change: privatisation, public procurements and EU-bids, Elemér Eszter, the chairman of the board at Portus Buda told participants at a conference dubbed Venture Capital Summit. He said that the Jeremie-programme was an important agent in shaping the community. Introducing it was well…


MadBarz iOS & Android & web app released

MadBarz is one of the investment projects of business accelerator Traction Tribe. The company is responsible for developing the online and the mobile versions of a personalised street workout app. After the beta test period that started last autumn, the app for iOS and Android was released in the evening of April 13, 2015, amid…


Networking at the portfolio meeting

PBG FMC Ltd. held a portfolio meeting in Budapest on March 6, 2015. Representatives of the companies took part at three lectures on different topics and participated in a joint networking workshop to get to know each other and the speakers better. They could also share their experiences and new ideas. At the event, they…


Traction Tribe Startups Showcased At CES

Hungarian startups Traction Tribe, Madbarz, SongArc and Tep participated in the world-renown Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) January 6 to 9, putting their innovative solutions on display and drawing significant interest. Fitness app developer Tep drew heavy attention and had talks with industry-leading companies such as fitness tracker manufacturer Fitbit. After the event, the…


PBG FMC Ltd. Concludes Another Investment: Reinventing Urban Space On Floating Platforms

PMG FMC recently concluded a capital investment agreement with Dunai Úszómű Fejlesztő Ltd. that resulted in the placement of 58.89% of the growth fund’s subscribed capital. The company also goes by “DUF,” and the translation is: Danube Floating Platform Developer. DUF’s founders – in cooperation with the Technical University of Budapest and Delft University of…