PBG FMC success at Consumer Electronics Show


Representatives of Portus Buda Group Ltd’s daughter company, PBG FMC Venture Capital Fund Manager Ltd., travelled to the US in January 2016 to take part at the world’s largest electronics event CES (Consumer Electronics Show). The company was promoted by its manager Elemér Eszter to support the fund’s portfolio companies and to get a better understanding on the current trends that help their upcoming investment decisions. Representing a professional partner and an investment of PMG FMC, Traction Labs Ltd. (TT), Péter Kádas also joined the study trip.
As for many others, CES is the most important source of information for TT in terms of technology development and innovations. TT’s further aim is to support its joint investment startups with PBG FMC Ltd, like MeshrooM promoted by Gábor Gödény, and Commsignia.

MeshrooM, an app presented by Mixylabs, a maths-based music mixer came in 3rd out of 170 contenders at the EU-US Startup Matchfest, a special event at CES. This means a promising future for the app. Commsignia though skipped the competition and rather paid more time to partner meetings, forging new partnerships.

The manager of PBG FMC conducted several negotiations with investment companies that may be interested in the successful portfolio companies of the venture capital fund manager and that have an interest in the Hungarian market and development projects.

CES has broken a record again, it has attracted more than 170 000 visitors with 50 000 foreigners among them, to Las Vegas. CES is not a venue exclusively for the electronics sector, it is a wide stage for every industry that comes forward in different forms. Its importance is underlined by the fact that the frequency of online referencing on the first day was 6.5 per second.