PBG FMC’s investment the only Hungarian project at Startup Chile


Hungarian startup opp.io, launched in 2014, an investment of PBG FMC Venture Capital Management Ltd., was shortlisted as the only Hungarian contender at the Startup Chile global business development forum from as many as 1900 startups. Opp.io is a communication protocol that merges mail service with task and project management. Businesses that build their corporate workflow on opp.io can deliver more and can be more efficient. It is an app that collects the who-should-do-what parameters from a sent message and checks them against given deadlines. Users can chat and make note entries about their meetings and planned tasks.

The startup is to get a $33,000 USD grant and a chance to develop its software in one of the world’s largest startup centre for six months. Opp.io has several major clients such as Graphisoft, EU Edge and Statzup. Opp.io is integrating with popular task management and project management service providers such as Trello, Asana, and Wunderlist, this latter acquired by Microsoft.