The eCamino smartphone app is a guide for travelers who follow the path of El Camino. In Celtic times, the ancient Way of Saint James was a symbol of the Milky Way. Unlike today’s travelers they traversed west to east. The 800km Camino (way) leads to Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Spain’s Galicia province. Ever more popular, the Camino is now completed by as many as 200,000 people every year, compared with 50,000 around the turn of the millennium.

The eCamino app is based on John Brierley’s guide, Camino de Santiago, the most popular guide among Way of Saint James pilgrims. As an offline app, eCamino offers the user a map that highlights points of interest and provides additional information. It can also make an emergency call. eCamino allows users to enter notes along the way while also making good use of other pilgrims’ notes. In addition, spiritual quotations support the wayfarers on their journey.

The app supports travel preparation and provides a content delivery platform. It is supported by a back-end system and a website companion to the GPS-based software. The app is available at AppStore, Google Play, and Windows Phone Store.