HSH Interaction Hungary Ltd. promotes and sells Hungarian products – including  distinctive Hungaricums -and raises them to international standards using professional tools coupled with a friendly, hospitable environment. Thanks to the unique sales strategy and franchise system created by HSH, traditional Hungarian values can be brought close to Budapesters and foreign tourists alike. HSH, countervailing the ruin pub trend, offers exceptionally high quality gastronomic and cultural products. The company’s business is based on the tie-in sales strategy: it reinvents Hungary’s traditionally high-quality gastronomy and catering while presenting masterpieces of Hungarian art. Every guest is then invited to pick a piece of art from a wide range of products.
The pilot project fundamentally re-interprets the notion of Hungaricums and provides a fresh look at this circle of products. These are tailored to the needs and habits of the target group and are displayed in upscale restaurants, thereby ensuring business success.